Cultural Values

The airport itself today is a melting pot. It used to be in 2016 but now the cultural exchange and the interaction is as intensive as never before. There are a lot of different teahouses, coffee shops and bistros representing different cultures and traditions. Mostly, people from other cultures go into a typical bistro. Through high tech translation technology people can communicate in their own language and it is translated to the waitresses and also to people originated in the country the bistro represents. Like this, the passengers understand each other but they can still keep their own language they are proud of. They also have a lot of events and celebrations to respect the festivals of each nation that is represented in this city, taking like the Chinese spring festival that was held in Cairo in 2016 to celebrate the Chinese new year. Aerotropolis took an example of this event and launched it too.

Looking Back

Back in 2016, the world’s population already was suspicious towards foreign cultures and the terrorism attacks made it even more extreme. The world was divided into people who were open minded, wanted to learn different cultures and fearful patriots, who feared everything but their own beliefs, nationalism was growing again.


The UN took over responsibility and built up a universities all over the world. We were proud to host the first one which is now the heart of the Aerotropolis. They taught the students to see different cultures from new perspectives and to be open towards foreign influences

They invited students and increased exchange between them. Everyone had to hold a presentation about their beliefs and then the understanding became better through discussions and through clearing misunderstanding.

As soon as students had an intensive participation and interaction, the UN universities also held modules about other parts of sustainability and cultural exchange. Lecturers from the whole were brought in to share their knowledge with the students, to increase the intercultural values.

In 2030, the UN university and the Aerotropolis was growing it had become an international melting pot. This was becoming a place where everyone was accepted no matter which religion, skin colour or language. Everyone felt welcomed and at home.

The university wanted to share their worldview with the residents of the city so they sat together with the team who was building the Aerotropolis and discussed possibilities of cultural representation and interaction.

The solution were translations, music and dances, and the international culinary dinning choices that I already mentioned, but also future perspectives of how the different nations can increase the worlds sustainability by cooperating on each level and trying to understand each other, forgetting the fear and biases. This is how the airport was built up and also, the reason why the city represents different cultures.


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