Looking back to our environment from 2016 until now, I believe we had made quite an improvement, and we are proud to earn the name of one of the best maintained eco-cities. In present, whenever I fly over the Areotropolis, I am always astonished by the amazing view. Up in the sky, one can clearly see the organized layout of the city, and outside the city, it is heavily forested by green trees as well as farmlands and lakes that are fresh and clean for people to dive in. It is as if the nature is embracing and protecting my city. Gone is the unlively city sight, now people can enjoy a distinctive view Aerotropolis offers high up in the air. Many wild life animals inhabit in the forest of the outer part of Aerotropolis. While there are many dangerous and potential aggressive animal that could be life threatening, those animals usually live deep in the forest where people are not allowed to go into to protect both the animals and the people. Only certain acres of forest are opened for entry, another part is used for natural environment research and conservation projects.

By densifying the city to a contained area. Nature and humans can live side by side.


Looking Back

Although many ecosystem issues back in 2016 have been improved throughout the years, it was quite a crisis that had people put a whole lot of effort and were trying to tackle and solve. One of the major problems was that the ecosystem had been under constant destruction from human that many habitants were no longer suitable for wild life animals to live in. Unlike human, the wild animals had no ability to solve problem and fight against the harsh environment, many animals were going into extinction by the end of 2010s. Although scientists were coming up with projects to protect the animals, their efforts were not effective enough to repair the damages that were already made. The causes of the environment damages had to be solved first to stabilize the situation then fix the crisis.


While people recognized that there was a need for change in the process of saving our ecosystem, people started to actively participating in the action of cleaning up our environment. Wastes were recycled and collected to further reproduce them into biofuel. More and more trees were planted within the city where people can enjoy a walk alongside the trees. Citizens were encouraged to take public transportation more often rather than having their own vehicle as their means of daily transport. Animals that were going into extinction were kept at a research centre and taken care of to prevent their rapid decrease in existence. Many projects were taken place in this ecosystem reconstruction phase, thanks to everyone’s recognition on the importance of saving and protecting our environment, and luckily the action everyone took did not go in vain, what we have today is the best prove.

The picture below is a photo I took while hiking in the nature during the spring.



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