Social Wellbeing

Now in 2050, the quality of life is maximised. My son who works as an accountant in the Aerotropolis , had a baby 2 months ago. He is on maternity leave with his wife for 6 months. Hence he can support her during that time and engage into the family life to the fullest. After, he has very flexible working hours. Furthermore, he can work from home. His wife is a teacher at the UN University. It’s up to her to organize the classes in person or with online courses. When she decides to teach at school, there is a day care for the teachers and the students so she doesn’t have to worry about child care. When their daughter starts with kindergarten in 4 years and after in primary school and high school, she will have a lot of classes about how to take care of the world and also, they have a lot of excursions to the natural reserve where they are taught about the self reliant system, the gardening, farming and recycling.

The working adults are all responsible to make sure the processes in their companies are visible. Once a year, different groups of each company travel through the places of their supply chain for goods which can not be produced in the Aerotropolis like technical goods such as watches and phones. My son works for a watch import company and even as an accountant he knows the whole supply chain from the raw material until the point of sale. Of course, travelling the world is not longer a problem as new deltashape airplanes are CO2 neutral during the flight.

Looking Back

In 2016, parents who were both employed always had trouble finding a babysitter or an affordable day-care. The fathers didn’t have maternity leave in Switzerland. Also, the schools didn’t teach the pupils anything about recycling or nature. The focus was more on theoretical knowledge of plants than on how to grow them. Also, a lot of scandals revealed because companies were surprised by a non-sustainable service chain that harmed the natural environment or human rights.


Every year, a survey was carried out to find out potential improvement concerning health, family needs, nutrition, transportation and the working environment. This is how we came to the solutions we have nowadays focusing on well balanced work-freetime life in which we can enjoy our job, the surrounding nature and our families and still perform great in a well developed economy.Also, the school system has changed a lot and was adapted to raise sustainable awareness starting at a young age.

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